About NYMA  Guardians of the Moorland Landscape  NYMA is dedicated to safeguarding the landscape and culture of the North York Moors National Park and surrounding areas. We support development which respects the special character of the Moors while taking account of the needs of residents, working communities and visitors. 


Our vision is of a beautiful, diverse and sustainable countryside, with thriving villages and market towns set in a landscape of environmentally friendly farming and forestry, with wild places unspoilt by development. 
NYMA is a strong partner of the North York Moors National Park Authority, with regular liaison meetings to discuss matters of joint concern. We scrutinise and influence planning applications for business developments in the National Park and campaign against inappropriate ones. We support sustainable means of transport, implement projects which foster greater understanding of the history, culture and environment of the Moors, and encourage land-use policies that favour biodiversity and natural beauty. 


In 1984 the four founding members of the Association (Peter Walker, Derek Statham, Gerald McGuire and Don Tilley) came up with the idea of a ‘Park society’. The North Yorkshire Moors Association’s inaugural meeting was held on May 4th 1985 with 80 foundation members. 
NYMA now has around 400 members and is run by an Executive Council of 12 volunteer members and a part-time Secretary. The Council meets 4 times per year and the AGM is normally held in June. The 2016-17 Trustees' Report can be found here and our audited accounts here.  
NYMA is one of 12 societies nationally which support Britain's national parks, forming the bedrock for protecting their landscapes and biodiversity and campaigning for their wise management and recreational use. Overall, there are around 20,000 members in these societies, and regular joint meetings are held under the auspices of the Campaign for National Parks


Officers of NYMA 
President: Ian Carstairs OBE 
Chair: Tom Chadwick, tel. 01287 660195 
Vice-Chair: David Moore 
Secretary: Janet Cochrane, Secretary@north-yorkshire-moors.org.uk, tel. 07570 112010 
Hon. Treasurer: Brian Pearce 
Membership Secretary: Cal Moore, Membership@north-yorkshire-moors.org.uk 
'Voice of the Moors' Editor: Sharon Artley, sharonartley@onyxnet.co.uk, tel. 01287 660470 
Other Council Members and key volunteers 
Susan Chadwick 
Albert Elliot 
Ann Glass 
Adrian Leaman 
Heather Mather (Walks coordinator) 
Colin Speakman 
Malcolm Watt 
George Winn-Darley 
Elaine Wisdom 
The North Yorkshire Moors Association is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (no. 1169240). It achieved CIO status in 2016 and was formerly a registered charity (no. 517639). The Constitution can be viewed here
To contact any member of the committee, please use the Contact form here - we have an excellent record of responding to people!